Marketing Shouldn’t Be a “Bad Word” for Nonprofits

September 18, 2020
in Blog, General

It happens all the time, nonprofits struggle with how to get more recognition for their organization yet, they run away from the one strategy that would help them gain traction – marketing. We know that the reasons for this are usually funds, perception of the organization and lack of resources. The truth is, nonprofit organizations don’t have to spend all of their fundraising dollars on a marketing strategy but, one is essential for the longevity of the organization. 

We’ve said it before but, times are changing and so are the habits of your customers or community. Just because you’re not a business doesn’t mean that you can’t perform the same strategies that they use to attract and maintain a customer base. Your donors are the same people that see advertisements on their phones all day long and they are getting used to that type of messaging. Your strategy doesn’t have to be spending money on a paid ad on social media however, you SHOULD be strategizing how you can connect with your donors authentically. 

A 2017 IBM study shows that Generation Z (born between 1995-2005)  seek out “brands that are honest, true to a set of moral values and principles, that will not betray you, that reflect important values they care about, and brands that give back to consumers.” Based on this insight, you can expect a whole new way of marketing coming down the pipeline and this is something that non-profits cannot ignore. Since nonprofits are already ahead of B2B and B2C businesses when it comes to giving back and purpose beyond profits, they should be jumping on their long-term millennial and Gen Z outreach strategies- aka marketing through genuine connections. 

Marketing strategies that are top-of-list for nonprofits:

Promote Your Nonprofit on Social Media

Learn social media giving statistics from Nonprofits Source. This will allow you to leverage your nonprofit’s social media to maximize your impact.

The Use of Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the creation and distribution of online material. Examples are content, blogs, videos, and social media posts. Successful nonprofit marketing isn’t just about growing your audience. It’s also about informing and staying close to your donors and supporters you already have. Effective nonprofit content marketing will help nurture all these relationships.

Be a Storyteller

Storytelling is a powerful tool for a nonprofit to engage and attract donors. Stories develop meaningful connections with the audience and motivates them to action. How to use Storytelling in your nonprofit.

Nonprofit marketing raises awareness, membership, donations, volunteers, and community pride in your mission. No bad words in this list!