According to a recent survey, inconsistency is a major communication block for non-profit organizations when trying to relay their mission. Donors are often left confused and unsure – resulting in lost support and revenue.

Advancement professionals have the power to close these gaps and continuously increase revenue by clearly communicating who they are and what their mission is. Focusing on creating consistency across all communication channels creates a closed loop experience for donors and prospects and helps more efficiently communicate your brand and mission.

  • A brand is more than just a logo and a tagline, it’s how an organization is perceived. Your branding determines what kind of values and characteristics people associate with your institution. It is your most powerful tool in positioning.
  • Branding ties together your name, logo, mission, and overall emotional appeal to the market. All cross channel fundraising and marketing efforts should be tied together creating a clear and consistent message that will deliver the most powerful impact possible.
  • Your ability to effectively manage your brand demonstrates your ability to deliver on all other promises your organization makes. If you can effectively manage your brand then donors will trust you to effectively manage their donations and to allocate the funds as promised.
  • Branding can build loyalty towards your organization. People who are loyal to your organization are the ones who will likely become an advocate on your behalf.
  • Your brand cannot be stolen by anyone else. There may be organizations out there similar to yours but no one can duplicate your brand.

It might be time to do an audit of your marketing and communication channels. To kick things off, download this marketing strategy worksheet. It provides a step by step guide to getting your marketing and brand back on track!

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