Volvo Penta Sales Academy

June 2, 2020
in Case Study

When our global, world leading supplier of engines and complete power solutions for marine and industrial applications came to us with a distinct need to fill a gap for training, we knew we could help.



Our team of amazing developers set out to build a custom application that allowed users the ability to move through a series of training modules. Each module required the user to take an assessment at the completion of each to confirm content comprehension before being granted access to move forward. 

The modules were interactive with a combination of videos, written content, complimenting and marketing brochures.

The system dynamically scored assessments – tracking user scores, number of attempts per assessment, etc. Once users successfully completed all modules they received a Completion Certificate that was dynamically generated. As a way to extend the conversation and enhance the user experience, the user was sent a physical certificate – framed and placed in custom packaging. This physical integration to a mostly virtual experience helped showcase the magnitude of the successful completion of the application! 

To help continue the user experience beyond the initial training and to encourage continuing education, users were granted access to a complete marketing and sales toolbox upon compilation of the course. This contains a library of materials for their sales representatives and dealers to use to continue fine tuning their knowledge of the products and services offered through the organization.



Our client had the ability to track all users:

  • All users
  • Date of registration
  • Number of assessment attempts
  • Total assessment scores (per module)
  • Overall certification date and score

User participation has grown from 421 when it initially launched in 2017 to over 1000 across two different industries (marine and industrial) in 2020.

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