Attitudes That Inspire Growth – “I Get To” vs “I Have To”

Does this scenario sound familiar? On March 12, 2020, my boss called to inform me we would work from home until further notice. On March 13, 2020, my wife was told schools would be closing and she would need to work from home. More changes followed. "You have to stay home, you have to wear

Aesculap Literature

Goal Aesculap USA is a leading healthcare company providing superior medical products including cardiovascular instruments, neurosurgery instruments, surgical sutures, vascular clips and much more. Their team was looking for an efficient way to provide collateral to its employees, distributors and customers so they could market their products. Aesculap was not previously tracking inventory levels causing

Creative COVID Solutions

As we roll into the sixth month of global pandemic measures, businesses of all sizes are learning to make some of their emergency adaptations more permanent. Events and conferences have gone virtual, meetings are now video calls, and many workers are seeing their day to day tasks shift in response. Some of the most successful

Rosemont College

Goal Rosemont College felt that their relationship with young alumni, specifically those who graduated between 1998 and 2008, was not strong. They knew that it was important to start building that relationship now so they can become future supporting donors. Additionally, Rosemont wanted to strengthen relationships with alumni as it began to transition from a

Marketing Shouldn’t Be a “Bad Word” for Nonprofits

It happens all the time, nonprofits struggle with how to get more recognition for their organization yet, they run away from the one strategy that would help them gain traction - marketing. We know that the reasons for this are usually funds, perception of the organization and lack of resources. The truth is, nonprofit organizations

How to Kick Off the 2021 Fiscal Year Strong

Many organizations are kicking off their new fiscal year in a way they’ve never imagined. Budget cuts, staff cuts, decline in prospects with the propensity to give - the list goes on and on. Regardless of the challenges before you, goals still have to be met, funds still have to be raised, and key initiatives

University of New Hampshire

Goal The University of New Hampshire approached us with the following objectives: increase engagement from the alumni in the 42-62 age range, capture critical information that the University can use to improve their relationships with alumni, and position the organization as the enabler of the recipient’s career to increase institution loyalty. The team at Pacesetter

Power of Centralized Print for Higher Education – What It Means And How It Can Save Time And Money

Doing more with less seems to be the name of the game recently. Budget and staff cuts occurring while simultaneously increasing the number of projects needed to be complete is a conversation happening at schools throughout the country.  The good news for companies such as Pacesetter is that these are the dilemmas we’ve been helping

Millennials: The Next Big Generation of Philanthropists

Millennials (or GenY’s) are a very important generation to focus on when putting together your fundraising strategy - not only because of their huge giving potential, but because they are very different from preceding generations and need to be treated differently. A recent study by Achieve and Johnson Grossnickle Associates found that Millennials want to be

Kick Start Your Marketing Efforts by “Getting Back to Basics”

Were your digital advertising plans taking off before COVID hit? Are you wondering what’s next for your organization’s advertising strategy? If you answered yes, it’s time to get “back to basics”. While some people are returning to life as usual, some are permanently changing their behaviors and continue to spend time at home. This means

Why Branding is Important to Fundraising Success

According to a recent survey, inconsistency is a major communication block for non-profit organizations when trying to relay their mission. Donors are often left confused and unsure - resulting in lost support and revenue. Advancement professionals have the power to close these gaps and continuously increase revenue by clearly communicating who they are and what their mission

The Power of Print Webinar

Were your digital advertising plans taking off post COVID? Wondering what’s next for your organization’s advertising strategy? Join us for an easy breakdown of how your company can go “back to basics” with direct mail and impress your customers.