3 Steps for Improving B2B Email Marketing

February 22, 2017
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If you are a B2B email marketer looking for ways to improve your tactics you are not alone. According to an article on Marketing Profs B2B, email marketers are looking for improvements in almost every aspect of their email marketing campaigns.  Here are 3 steps to help you improve your B2B email marketing:


  1. Focus on what’s important. Is your data up to date? Is your data clean and thorough? This will determine your list hygiene and how well you can segment and personalize your email messages. Your data is going to be key in determining the relevancy of your content.
  2. Measure your metrics. The most important metrics you can focus on are open rate, click rate, and conversion rate. All of these will help you determine ROI and give you insight as to where your emails may need some improvement.
  3. Determine how much to spend. Even with the rising use of social media, email marketing is not on the decline. In fact, 51% of B2B email marketers say their email marketing budget will not change in 2011, while 45% expect it to increase. Keep this in mind when allocating funds in your budget. It may be worthwhile to invest more in your email marketing to ensure you are executing your plan in the most optimal way.


For more insight and for the full article click here .  

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