Kick Start Your Marketing Efforts by “Getting Back to Basics”

July 8, 2020
in Blog, Business Management, General, Marketing

Were your digital advertising plans taking off before COVID hit? Are you wondering what’s next for your organization’s advertising strategy? If you answered yes, it’s time to get “back to basics”.

While some people are returning to life as usual, some are permanently changing their behaviors and continue to spend time at home. This means getting your message into mailboxes is even more imperative for your business.

The frequency of your customers seeing billboards, hearing radio ads, or stepping into your geo fenced areas will decrease, and previous strategies will not be as effective as originally intended.

Strategically implementing personalization is going to be critical to ensure your marketing pieces are standing out from the crowd as other organizations begin ramping up direct mail efforts.

We know that direct mail can be an expensive channel – so it’s critical to make sure you’re spending your money wisely. Here are some key factors for success when setting up a direct mail campaign:

Good Data 

Your database will drive 70% of your results! The more information you have on your customers and prospects, the more you can drive a personalized message.


It takes 8-12 touches on average for a prospect to take action. You need to be consistent with your efforts, refining throughout.

Be Strategic

It’s not a one size fits all solution anymore. Take time to mine your data to identify when it makes sense to integrate direct mail and how.

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